davin is made of clothes and music

i am pretty much done packing for now. the rest of the stuff i can come back for. it looks like i have a lot of stuff. it is amazing how i fit it all in here..
which means i will probably get a u-haul.
so, that was fun.
i feel a bit delerious from all the excitement.
last night’s going-away party for myself and pete was a complete success. 20-25ish people showed up between the cherry bank and temple, and then we hit up hugos afterwards and then dennys, and then back to town to wander until 5 am. i will post pictures when i am properly set up in vancouver.
thank you to everyone who came out last night.. it was right-proper and totally enjoyable.. largin’ it in victoria in a big-city style.. hehe.
the picture at the top was taken tuesday night around midnight.. the full size is spectacular.. the statue is about 8 or 9 feet tall.. very imposing.. standing beneath it felt like something from lord of the rings or devils advocate.. very spooky. i love this statue.. i have always driven past it near cattle point and been spooked by it .. the full moon illuminated it quite well and cast some eerie shadows.. anyway, this is my favorite picture in some time.
well then! off to do some last-night stuff.. bye!

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  1. You take a lot of really good shots … and this one really captures the eye. Gives me this feeling of being incredibly small and insignificant, reminding me of the Titans of times past.

  2. I am glad you had a good time at your going-away party. Fitting that you leave town in style.
    And wow, that photo is awesome. Totally imposing. That’s one of things I love about photography — you can show how YOU see things.

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