resonance: emit and yoseff

featured tracks:

  • L.S.G. – Netherworld [2004 rework] (Superstition)
  • L.S.G. – Risin’ [2004 rework] (Superstition)

featured mix: emit

  • Ortus – Groove Science (Airgap)
  • Deep Architecture – The Realm [Sunrise mix] (Niche Blue)
  • El Greco – Night Watch [Tribal mix] (Swift)
  • Pump Action – Digitalles (Advance)
  • Disclosure – Second Choice (Phaser)
  • Jamie Anderson – Can’t Stop [G Force Rework] (Artform)
  • Angel Alanis – The Feeling (Contaminated Muzik)
  • Peace Division – D. Tuned [It’s You] (Low Pressings)
  • Proper Filthy Naughty – Philter (10 Kilo)
  • Plastika – Answer [Trancesetter remix] (Touche)
  • Universal Principles – Latin Stroll [Silicone Soul remix] (Soma)
  • Velvet Girl – Velvet [Mike Monday remix] (Additive)
  • Slam – Alien Radio [Tony Thomas remix] (Soma)
  • Royksopp – Sparks (Wall of Sound)
  • Soul Grabber – Release (Loaded)
  • Inescapable – Fishhead (SAW)
  • 2 Smokin Barrels – Basses Loaded [Naive Dub] (Yoshi Toshi)

featured mix: Yoseff

  • Digby and Oliver – Human [Dub] (Zero Tolerance)
  • The Fact – Contact [Ocean Wave Remix] (Vapor)
  • Basscamp – Intentions [Piece Process Remix] (POD)
  • Subway – Elements of Life [Sub Dub] (Dorigen)
  • Skope – Protean (Stonehouse)
  • Nema – Untamed (Regress)
  • Moshic – Not In Front Of U (Pitch Black)
  • Nema – Quest Forsaken (Regress)
  • Aetherius – Warriors Cry (Whallop)
  • Flash Brothers – Deep Love (Swift)
  • Bedrock – Voices [Freelance Icebreakers Mix] (Bedrock)
  • The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea [Satoshi Tomiie Main Path mix] (Jumpin & Pumpin)
  • Voyager – Super C (Coded)
  • Nema – Virus (Regress)
  • Acquila – Earthbound [Pappa and Gilbey remix] (Inversus)
  • Andy Ling – Calling Angels [Evolution 4/4 remix] (Fluid)

digital dumptruck

my computer is kicking some ass these days. dual monitors are coming in handy in more and more ways.. i am recording vinyl directly into the computer so i can use the tracks in my upcoming proton radio mix, which i have been promising for some time. well, now i am doing it! if you know my previous proton radio featured artist mix, you know that this is a massive undertaking. a 3 hour cohesive mix. that is more than three times harder than mixing a simple mix cd. these proton mixes are huge undertakings for me, but i quite enjoy them. now that i have a tonne of material, and so do a lot of pacific front artists and potential pacific front artists, it is a great time to put together a mix to coincide with the music label launch. tracklistings. teasing. promoting. spreading the word, spreading the sound. ahh, marketing strategy. i love it.
by the way .. that also means.. if you have material that you would like me to consider for inclusion on the mix .. please contact me! new stuff == great!
today i had lunch with emrys who heads up rocket day, a design and arts company with bases across canada. we ended up talking electronic music almost the whole time, which was really cool. there is plenty to talk about in that regard, and with his travelling and the places he has lived, he has made some very interesting connections and now that he lives here on the west coast he wants to bring some of that talent out here. needless to say we had more to talk about than we had time for! good times, and i am glad we got a chance to meet and share stories.
after work, this evening, i met up with james roy, who did the rather stunning graphic design work for he brought bruce beil with him — the two of them did a rather awesome job of putting together the victoria electronic music festival this year, and from all accounts it was quite a success. we talked about how it went, what they did right and what they would like to change for next year. since their goal and vision is very similar to mine and nick’s vision for resonance, we of course had plenty to talk about. music, design, public relations, marketing, organization, production, dj’s, music labels, cross promotion, brand equity, etc etc. what a fabulous day!
i fixed the iPhoto library for good and i know exactly what to do in the future when any problem happens with the image database. yes!
i gotta go. pictures will be returning to the forefront of the blog soon.. there are a lot waiting and more to be taken..
listening to: Andy Moor and Adam White present Whiteroom – ‘The Whiteroom’.

AFK – Magnetic

The first release on Pacific Front Recordings was my own “Magnetic”. I remember taking this over to Charles’ (c79 / Obakeh / Chompers) place when I finished it and I played it for him to see what he thought. He responded with “You’re a madman!” I took it as a complement and before you know it, Charles had done a remix and Justin (Formulate) did a remix, and Charles did another remix and we had sealed the deal. Pacific Front had its first release and we had set the standard for the times to come.

  1. AFK – Magnetic (Original mix)
  2. AFK – Magnetic (Formulate remix)
  3. AFK – Magnetic (Chompers Mercy Kill remix)
  4. AFK – Magnetic (Chompers dub)


it’s been a while since i posted anything. i am still alive! shh.
i am sorting out some bits with the computer, largely.
and still the iPhoto library, home to some 22,000+ of my photos, seems to have forgotten how to see my photos. it’s okay, i know they’re still there. the library index database file was one of the casualties of the western digital hard drive failure of a few weeks ago. alas. still trying to fix it.. it’s a 25 gig library, so attempts are made over-night.
that being said, i have still been taking photos. i have them on another account which holds them for now, but as it appears.. it doesn’t really work for me to have two accounts.. i am too lazy to switch between users for photo cataloguing purposes, and it’s usually happening that i get to the computer at the very very end of the day. whatever.
i helped tim move tonight. move his records, that is. he is storing all his wax at my house for a bit and it is so tempting to look through them all tonight just to see what is there. he encouraged me and neil to, but there is just too damn much to even get started on. as a dj, you’re unreasonably attracted to large piles of music, looking and sifting through, searching for anything that you have ever had the smallest desire ever to look for. and just the idea that you once thought of looking for something makes it all the more attractive. yeah. what is that all about? i don’t know.. but it’s totally and fully true. ask any collector. time spent looking increases the value. something to do with perceived rarity. yeah, we’ll call it that.
ahh, it feels good to be writing again. i forgot that i had been missing it.. it’s only been two days, but it’s nice to be able to express myself. that and i didn’t really feel like expressing myself on the weekend. i was in a not-great mood and that effected me creatively. i obviously feel a bit better now. on the weekend i played golf with the gang on saturday, and then saw a local band (“jacob’s fall” they’re called) at lucky bar. then sunday i went with leah to the sooke potholes and relaxed in that piece of heaven that so few actually know about. you have to walk about an hour up the hill and then you take a left just before the quary. yeah, that’s right, the quary. if you have no idea what i am talking about, it’s because you have not walked far enough!
it’s totally worth it though. like i said, heaven on earth.

resonance: influenza & afk

Featured tracks:

  • Formulate – Rising Edge [AFK remix] (Pacific Front Recordings)
  • Influenza – Sublunary (Pure Phunk)

Mixset: DJ ariz0na / AFK

  • James Holden – Kaern (Easy)
  • Luke Chable – Into The Storm (Bedrock)
  • Luke Chable – After The Storm (Zero Tolerance)
  • Momu – Descoloda [Dislodged Remix] (3 Beat)
  • Steve Porter – Vodka Cranberries [Fretwell Remix] (nu*republic)
  • Kinnie Starr – Alright [Hybrid’s Toronto Tech Dub] (Release)
  • Planisphere – Frogger (Green Martian)
  • Chable & Fernandez – Before You Beat My Box (M Theory)
  • Infiniti & Keith MacKenzie – Shadow [Burufunk Mix] (Platinum)
  • AFK – Dance of the Minataur (Pacific Front)
  • ASAP – Heavy Water (Fire)
  • Remy – Scrambled [Jark Prongo remix] (Combined Forces)
  • RR Workshop – 50 K (Journey)

Featured mix: Influenza (Jason)

  • Influenza – Distant Future (Pure Funk)
  • Rennie Pilgrem – Coming up for Air (TCR)
  • Influenza – Prozac Nation (Pure Phunk)
  • Napt – Soul Surviving (Plastic Raygun)
  • Kraymon – Just Press Play (Streetwise Promo)
  • Friendly – S&M (Fat!)
  • Nectarios – Humming (Streetwise)
  • Splitloop – Hyper Hyper (Musicdownstairs Records)
  • Hybrid – I’m Still Awake [Christian J remix] (Distinctive)
  • J.D.S. Vs MiHell – Purple Funky Monkey (TCR)
  • Splitloop – Electric Fence [Influenza remix] (i-lectrik records)
  • Aquasky vs. Masterblaster – Boom! [Breakfastaz remix] (777)
  • The Breakfastaz – Method of Doubt (Cyberfunk)
  • Aquasky vs. Masterblaster – Wheels of Steel (Passenger)
  • Unknown – Unknown (White Label)
  • DJ Mutiny & Co – Daily Operation (Hardcore Beats)
  • The BreakFastaz – Mass Distraction (Cyberfunk)
  • Factor E – Swing Punk [Aquasky vs MasterBlaster Remix] (LowPhatRecordings)
  • DJ Quest & The Break Fastaz – System Overload (Cyberfunk)
  • Gusto’s Grooves – Unknown (White Label)
  • Adrenalin – 2004 [C.N.M. Remix] (White Label)
  • Chris Carter – ESP (TCR)
  • Chris Carter – Botty Funk (En Vision)
  • General Midi vs. Hyper – We’ve Been Waiting (Kilowatt)
  • Sugababes – In The Middle [Hyper remix] (Island Records)

last victoria show for dj ariz0na

i just posted this on the message board:
Hello all,
It is with quite a bit of emotion that I write this.
I am moving my home base to Vancouver in late September so I thought I’d better say as much, and a big thank you to all who have been supporting the scene here in Victoria — there are many and a lot of them post on this board.
I might as well get into a list here so I have an opportunity to forget someone. Haha, just kidding.. I don’t want to forget anyone. One name that keeps coming to mind is Brent Carmichael, one who I have told in the past has made a huge difference to the Victoria scene, without question. From the times at Rumours, The Limit and now Hush, he has given a venue to the music that we all love so much. And really I should say “they” — as humble as Brent is, he is probably getting annoyed reading this and not seeing the other staff being mentioned. And as much as people have slagged Hush in the past, I’d like them to think about what Victoria would be like without it. Thank you.
And the promoters that put on the 16+ parties. Awesome.
There are also the strictly community driven efforts, like VEMF (though I missed it this year, the goal is an admirable one), IslandKidz,, and Resonance/RGM.
With Resonance, we’re not totally certain what we’re are going to do with it. Nick is thinking of travelling, and I’ll obviously not be here anymore. The response to the show was not nearly as good as it was with RGM, but that 3 years that RGM had to get rolling with, in a bit more of a thriving party scene than what we are seeing today. That being said I believe our party scene has been traded for a really good music scene. Not a bad trade at all, if you ask me. And don’t tell me the parties are just as good as they used to be. Sorry, they’re not. NobleHouse/AMA is no longer putting in insane all-night shows at huge venues with Global Underground DJ’s before Global Underground ever happened. Those were NUTS! Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to put down the efforts of any of the current promoters. I am simply acknowledging how incredible the production value of these events have been — serious achievements. 50,000 watt sound systems, concert calibre lighting systems, 5000 people venue.. Thank you Nigel, thank you Damien, thank you Erik, and all the others that have been involved in these huge shows.
The record shops — Stylus of past, ISBOW of present, the power of Boomtown, the dedication of Whitebird. We’re lucky to have these shops to further fuel our scene. For over half a decade Victoria has been a better place to shop for electronica/techno records than Vancouver or Seattle. How do you like them apples?
I’ll still frequent the message board, perhaps more in Vancouver than I have here in Victoria. Who knows what my time will be like there.
I intend to work a lot more on music production under the alias of AFK, as I have really gotten a lot out of making music in the last few years. The label Pacific Front Recordings will be releasing its flagship release AFK – Magnetic with 3 remixes in the coming weeks. Here are a couple URLs: – AFK – production website – Pacific Front Recordings.
Pacific Front Recordings will continue to focus on artists from the Pacific Northwest — Vancouver, Victoria, and any talent we happen upon in Seattle. Obviously if you don’t live in a big city, then me and Justin wont listen to your tunes. Just kidding! We’re always accepting material, and we’ll need it to continue with our crazy and ambitious release schedule. Check out the website for contact information. All the artists on there have been central to my musical satisfaction here in Victoria, and will continue to be that in Vancouver. I look forward to the future that we have set out for ourselves.
And what of “ariz0na”? Well for a long time, I have been wanting to go under the alias of “davin” .. which isn’t an alias at all. Here’s the story.. the first night I was to play out, it was almost 7 years ago at tammie and gerry’s, there was this guy named Frank, and he was to play the only gig I ever saw him at. He said his DJ name was “DJ Davin” .. so I was like .. crap! I had never met another Davin before, and what bad luck it was to meet someone on the night of my first gig with the same DJ name as my real name, which I was going to use. So I used “ariz0na,” my online name, and never saw him again. So I’ll probably be known as “Davin” just like Braeden and Christoph and all those other weirdos that use their real name to DJ with.
My last DJing appearance in Victoria will be September 5th at Hush with none other than Hybrid.
It’s been a slice. See ya!