rising edge

i have done a tonne of work on a new remix .. formulate – rising edge. the one i am doing is a breakbeat remix with probably my favorite breakbeat to date. pretty simple, very cool sounding, and this really cool-ass cowbell rhythm line that i fed through a super filthy compression unit.
the nine inch nails remix went over very well wednesday night at the club. it had a few people on the dance floor singing along, as well as myself.. that’s what i get! note: must bring level of bassline up. man.. that bass drum just kicked so hard.

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jump off the bandwagon

i hope nobody hurt themselves jumping off the calgary flames’ bandwagon tonight. i don’t think anyone did.. even though the flames lost 2-1 tonight in game 7 of the stanley cup finals, i think they earned the respect of many doing it. they didn’t let up ever. tampa had puck-luck on their side tonight and that is all that seperated them from the first place losers on this occassion. it was totally crazy hockey.. almost a wrestling match.
by the way..
Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire (Junkie XL remix) … huuge.

plant thing

i had a lovely weekend, pretty low key. lots of pics.. i’ll post some tonight. 🙂
for now.. i have done more work to the NIN remix .. if anyone is interested in hearing it .. you can come to Hush this Wednesday .. I’ll be DJing to support the 24hr relay from 12:30 – 1:15 .. yeah, it’s a 45 minute set.. which is really short, but at least it’s somewhat early (?!). anyway, come support! it’s for a good cause.

resonance: ariz0na and nickgurns

Featured Tracks:

  • Tiebreaker – Prominence [AFK Mahseev Breaks mix] (Pacific Front Recordings)

Mixset: ariz0na & nickgurns

  • The Fact – Contact (White Label)
  • Pete Lazonby – Wavespeech [Tilt Mainline mix] (Bliss)
  • Ocean Wave – Clearwater [Traveller vs. Quest remix] (Vapour)
  • Chab – Matica [Matrix mix] (Undercurrent)
  • Aurora – Ordinary World [Tarrentella vs. Redanka dub] (Positiva)
  • Oakenfold – Zoo York [Leama and Moor remix] (White Label)
  • Polefolder and CP – Apollo Vibes [Kasey Taylor’s Ocean Wave remix] (Bedrock)
  • Multiplicity – Multiply [Main Mix] (Dimension)
  • Planisphere – Symphotec (Green Martian)
  • Justin Scott Dixon & Mike Hiratzka – Two Worlds (Propulsion)
  • Odessi – Moments in Space (Baroque)
  • DJ Gogo – Anjuna (Cyber)
  • Kosheen – Catch [Andy Gray vocal mix] (White Label)
  • Sleepfreaks – P.H.B. [Directors Cut] (Method)
  • Timo Maas – Riding on the Storm (Bush)
  • Gaetano Parisio – Advanced Techno Research (ART)
  • Nine Inch Nails – That’s What I Get [AFK’s “Cache’s What I Got” remix] (CDr)
  • Simms and Welt – Disco Sucks [Slam remix] (Shine Recordings)
  • Chris Liebing – Analogon [Gaetano Parisio Mix] (CLRetry)
  • DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (X-Trax)
  • Critical Phase – Phase One [Futureshock remix] (Fuju)
  • Planisphere – NYE (Green Martian)

that’s what i get

Nine Inch Nails – That’s What I Get (AFK’s “Cache’s What I Get” remix)
.. hear it tonight on resonance on 101.9 FM CFUV at Midnight – 3 AM.
The tracklisting for the show will show up on this site again tonight .. possibly for a while to come as i want to redesign the Resonance site.

likely more than not

i am super antsy. why? i don’t know.
i went to a conference this morning at the empress. it was on recycled paper. there is this paper company from cali that came up and did a presentation on the quality you can get with recycled paper these days. impressive. they served us breakfast in the crystal ballroom. it was good.
not really sure what to say right now. i’ve been moving and shaking and either i need to continue at this pace or just stop altogether.

moving experience

i helped charles move into his new place, which is my good friend nathan’s place today. this is just awesome. two of the most cool people i know now are roommates. dude!
of course if you know me, or if you follow this blog, you know i have been working on music collaboration projects with both of these guys, seperately. i see a lot more finished projects in our future. awwww yeah!
moving went very quickly and efficiently. there were many helping hands and the good-bye scene at charles’ old place was heart-breaking [at least it was for me.] it seemed like the oldest brother was leaving the family house, or something. that’s what it reminded me of. of course i know it is totally different than that but that is what it reminded me of.
i went to this book launch party tonight with big dog (jay carvy) and walked into this packed room at the hotel grand pacific. this launch event was huge! 300 or 400 people .. very successful. free food, expensive drinks. i passed on the drinks but had some yummy food. before we walked in we ran into julie and leslie and that’s when i knew it would be a good event. i ran into a few different people that i knew and met a couple new people. it was very good to catch up with one of my old co-workers from the ministry of education, mary-anne, and the ‘keynotes’ were excellent and entertaining. well done, boys. in case you are wondering, it was a launch for the book version of “random acts of kindness” or “extremely random acts of kindness” or “extreme acts of kindness” or “random kindness to the extreme” or something like that. i am all about key words so you got the main three there. to be honest i have heard some stories about one or two of the guys from this group that paints them unfavorably. either this guy[s] changed, or he’s hiding it. either way, only the good is showing these days. apparently they sure aren’t making money [yet], though i could see this leading to something else later on.. not sure if any of them are talented musically or otherwise. maybe a comedy show or something. they’re learning how to market, big time.
anyway, it’s been a full night, and with swimming, tennis and a workout planned for tomorrow .. looks like it’ll be another one tomorrow night after all is said and done!