moving experience

i helped charles move into his new place, which is my good friend nathan’s place today. this is just awesome. two of the most cool people i know now are roommates. dude!
of course if you know me, or if you follow this blog, you know i have been working on music collaboration projects with both of these guys, seperately. i see a lot more finished projects in our future. awwww yeah!
moving went very quickly and efficiently. there were many helping hands and the good-bye scene at charles’ old place was heart-breaking [at least it was for me.] it seemed like the oldest brother was leaving the family house, or something. that’s what it reminded me of. of course i know it is totally different than that but that is what it reminded me of.
i went to this book launch party tonight with big dog (jay carvy) and walked into this packed room at the hotel grand pacific. this launch event was huge! 300 or 400 people .. very successful. free food, expensive drinks. i passed on the drinks but had some yummy food. before we walked in we ran into julie and leslie and that’s when i knew it would be a good event. i ran into a few different people that i knew and met a couple new people. it was very good to catch up with one of my old co-workers from the ministry of education, mary-anne, and the ‘keynotes’ were excellent and entertaining. well done, boys. in case you are wondering, it was a launch for the book version of “random acts of kindness” or “extremely random acts of kindness” or “extreme acts of kindness” or “random kindness to the extreme” or something like that. i am all about key words so you got the main three there. to be honest i have heard some stories about one or two of the guys from this group that paints them unfavorably. either this guy[s] changed, or he’s hiding it. either way, only the good is showing these days. apparently they sure aren’t making money [yet], though i could see this leading to something else later on.. not sure if any of them are talented musically or otherwise. maybe a comedy show or something. they’re learning how to market, big time.
anyway, it’s been a full night, and with swimming, tennis and a workout planned for tomorrow .. looks like it’ll be another one tomorrow night after all is said and done!

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  1. it was a most pleasant surprise running into you and your interesting bearded friend last eve. leslie and i went to santiago’s after for dinner and the bestest sangria in the whole wide world. yummy!
    hrm, about those stories you heard. maybe they aren’t true? maybe even nice people aren’t perfect, but they do their best to make up for being not so nice before? i can’t imagine he’s hiding some other bad life at the same time as being on the kindess crew. that just doesn’t make any sense! and isn’t what you do RIGHT NOW that counts, instead of dwelling on the past?
    bolen books and munro’s will carry the book, and it’s called Cool to be Kind by the Extreme Kindess Crew.

  2. I saw them on the news last night doing random acts of kindness here in town. To be honest, while it seems really nice and overall a good thing, it also seemed a bit… fake, like a staged TV reality show with actors or something. From some of their interviews it sounded like they were more looking forward to getting rich from this than looking forward to the proclaimed spreading of happiness. Maybe I was just reading too much into the things they said, but to me, some of them at least, seemed a bit too insincere with their kindness. Regardless, the whole thing is a interesting idea.
    They said they planned to move their random acts of kindness tour from across Canada down into the states. All I can think of is more Americans thinking we are crazy weird idiots up here. Oh well ;).

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