jump off the bandwagon

i hope nobody hurt themselves jumping off the calgary flames’ bandwagon tonight. i don’t think anyone did.. even though the flames lost 2-1 tonight in game 7 of the stanley cup finals, i think they earned the respect of many doing it. they didn’t let up ever. tampa had puck-luck on their side tonight and that is all that seperated them from the first place losers on this occassion. it was totally crazy hockey.. almost a wrestling match.
by the way..
Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire (Junkie XL remix) … huuge.

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  1. Yeah… if there was a way for Calgary to go home without the cup, that was it.
    And…. whoa.. can’t wait to hear that track. The original is already huge. 🙂

  2. meh, Calgary played like ASS for the first 50 minutes… Don’t know why, but Tampa was waaaay better for most of the game.
    But they’re still great, and while I like the team, I love the city more. Calgary isn’t nearly the bandwagon community that Vancouver is. Calgarians love their Flames, period. More than a thousand people at the airport in the wee hours before 5am to cheer them home! That’s why I like the Flames – because I like the city – and they punish the opposition too, I just hope they don’t adopt the trap next season.

  3. Craig is right about the Calgary fans. When I was living there last year (when they *cough* suck) the fans were still really supportive, even though they were disappointed.
    Wish I had been there for it, I didn’t see a single game over here (Scotland).

  4. It is too bad for calgary. Tampa totally had luck on their sad. Regardless, it is great to see a team like Calgary make it all the way to the big show. They really prove that it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on team. They have the heart and the drive that every other team should yearn for.

  5. browsing on here with a lynx browser on a basic install of gentooo.. I can browse pretty well and see ur site pretty well (minus the pictures) on here 🙂 hockey shmokey 🙂

  6. I bed to differ!
    I love Canucks brand of hockey. They’re a thrilling team to watch – I prefer it over Calgary’s regular season. Calgary usually plays a bland game with traps… They changed it up as the group got tighter, and they became far more exciting. Don’t forget either, that I can’t watch any Flames hockey here on the coast, so naturally I convert to the Canucks!
    Throughout the 80’s and up to about ’98 I’d say (second year university) I was hardcore Flames. My parents even sent me tapes from the local station who broadcasted it so I could watch it on the local channel. Like I said, it’s about the city, for me, more than the brand of hockey. But if the Flames keep checking like that, and playing gritty, then who knows, I’ll probably deviate back to them!
    Hey – check your email and get ahold of me – there’s great news to be heard…

  7. yeah…you should have heard the silence here! (in Calgary)
    Before the game, there were kids on EVERY street corner trying to get cars to honk for the flames, many cars had at least 2 flames flags, and I saw a car with as many as 6 flags (and TWO HUGE ONES, and it was a small honda civic too!)
    today, people are upset. It’s all my lab could talk about it seemed.
    Apparently someone’s neighbour was crying over the loss of the cup.
    my take? Well, I got a wonderful sleep with no screaming fan interruptions (unlike the last few games) But it does totally suck that we have not had the stanley cup in Canada for 12 years. And it also sucks that half the tampa team was canadian, and two of them (st. louis and some other guy) were ex-Calgary Flames! lol.
    Everyone was almost expecting a riot here, but the fans were well behaved…unlike vancouver in 1994 🙂
    It was so crazy with the flames mania that I saw a post-doc give a formal talk wearing a Calgary Flames t-shirt (which would normally be a no-no for a FORMAL talk in front of several departments) and no one said anything….
    It’s been crazy living in hockey-nuts town, after hockey teamless-Victoria (everyone just cheers for the canucks though) People take their hockey seriously here.

  8. Bandwagon? I was always rooting for Calgary. Can somebody help me up though, I seemed to have hurt my ankle.

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