Inspired by the Wednesday 6:29 AM November Project workouts, this was actually the soundtrack of a recent session that a few of us guest-hosted. It can be challenging to feel energetic through the cold and dark winter months, but exercising in the face of that makes a big difference. So this mix is a bit about maintaining a rhythm despite whatever else may or may not be happening around you. Maybe that rhythm actually maintains you. Hmm.

Anyway. Many of these are the tracks I’ve been spinning at the clubs. Some a bit funkier, all pretty energetic and fun. Enjoy!


  1. Justin Martin & Christian Martin – Midnight (Original mix) [Dirtybird]
  2. Ben Grunnell – That Rhythm Vibe (Original mix) [Intimo]
  3. Daniel Steinberg – Let Me Down (Tube & Berger remix) [Defected]
  4. Olivier Giacomotto & Kiko – Reckless (Original mix) [Noir Music]
  5. Bassheavy – Mugshot (Kenji Max Felony Edit) [Kindred Sounds]
  6. Volac – Uzi (Original mix) [Cuff]
  7. Krankbrother – Circular Thing (Original mix) [Circus Recordings]
  8. Dosem – Your Turn (Original mix) [Suara]
  9. Nick Muir, John Digweed & Ian O’Donovan – Dawnbreaker (King Unique remix) [Bedrock Records]
  10. Mat.Joe – Nighthawk (Dosem remix) [Toolroom]
  11. Model1 – The Sixth Day (Original mix) [Baroque Records]

Download mix: AFK – Maintain Your Rhythm (192k MP3)