Is this really about the TV?


When you walk everywhere, you are going slow enough to see things faster.

I found this while walking to work at Vancouver and Burdett. At the side of the road in this area, one can frequently find televisions of the cathode-ray tube variety – you know, the big old TVs that are extremely heavy and emit radiation. Thanks to LCD/plasma screens, these are a good example of obsolete and low quality – and sometimes plain incompatibility. Someone had painted these letters on the screen. I’m not sure if it is public art, or a warning, or a statement of philosophy which extends to anything in the interpreters mind – but it could be all three. Certainly there can be a cost to picking up something that has systemic failings or something that has become antiquated.. But I wonder what this could mean to you – the person looking at this right now. Comments? Thoughts?

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