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I’m quite comfortable making mixes myself, choosing all the songs, collecting it all, arranging and ordering, building and bridging, painting on silence, and stringing together ideas made of music.

Now I want to try something a bit different for me. I want to include you in the process of my next mix. So, tell me what your favorite electronica track is, and why, and I’ll put it in my next mix. To be fair, I will need to limit it to one track per commenter.. but that’s the only rule at this point. Please go ahead and share in this format: Artist – Track Name.

Looking forward to hearing what your favs are!

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  1. LSG – Netherworld. Because it is an excellent song, pure classive. And the stickman hobo exile on the label is a channel for my torment. He understands my house music.

    I only fear you might have used the song already in another mix, in which case I will choose another.

  2. OK, here’s mine:

    BT – Flaming June (BT & PVD remix)

    Why? Cos it’s the greatest tune ever. Produced and mastered to perfection. Peak time, sublime. Lovely top end, abyssal depth. Massively precise, exquisitely gorgeous. Divine. nuff said?

  3. My favourite track right now is:
    Dousk – Let’s Out

    Because it’s so simple and deep at the same time, + this was the track at the peak of my set at Hush that completely killed the dancefloor, never heard such a powerful crowd response to a track before.

  4. Three artists I love equally have finally come together to craft the most emotive progressive techno track I’ve ever heard. The way Max Cooper remixed Pig & Dan ‘s “Tears of a Clown” is stupendous!

  5. One track only?? Sooooooooo many to choose from over the years!

    Kobana & Mario Hatchet – Weekend Memories (Terry Da Libra Remix)is rocking my Tannoys the last few months, a real storming prog house tune for 2011!!

    That would make my day if this gets in the mix Davin đŸ™‚

  6. Realized that my first suggestion is a little ol’school and maybe you weren’t planning on driving down Epic Ave. on your mix… Therefore… For a more sublime, driving, techy turn, this is a wicked new track by one of my fave producers/remixers at the moment, Kasey Taylor. Could be a great 2nd or 3rd track to kick your mix into the next gear. (PS: we still have to talk you and me).

    Ricky Ryan – Mona Moon (Kasey Taylor remix)

  7. My favourite electronica track? There are many contenders but for me, none can top BT Flaming June (BT and PVD mix). It’s just an amazing piece of music, and to me it sounds as good as the first time I heard it.

    2nd for me is another “oldie,” Pearls Girl by Underworld. Love the sinister vibe on that one.

  8. OHMAHGAWD! Beat Box! Someone else knows! Hooray! You really did mean favourite “of ever” didn’t you?

    If I do “of ever,” it might end up being PVD – Nothing But You or Art of Noise – Instruments of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix).

    So, may I submit my track of 2011? That’d be Fatboy Slim – Gangster Trippin’ 2011 (Lazy Rich Remix).

    My two-year-old likes it, too. I’ll be cranking it in the car, she’ll be kicking her feet, and then, from her carseat, I’ll hear “Wob wob!”


    p.s. – I’m collecting some great new tracks here.

    p.p.s. – I’m thinkin’ you’re gonna have some BPM challenges with this mix. Good luck! =)

  9. Anand already picked a couple of my top choices. Other BT tunes I would suggest are from Movement In Still Life, such as Running Down The Way Up, Dreaming, or Mercury and Solace. The originals are great but there are some great remixes of those three tunes out there too, I think Hybrid has done a couple.

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