so long, old friends

I haven’t used my Technics 1200 MKIIIs in quite a while. Not more than a handful of times since I moved back to Victoria. A few factors have been involved:

  • Shopping for vinyl had gotten expensive long ago
  • Shopping for vinyl I liked had become impossible except online
  • Living in a wooden framed building meant I couldn’t play music loud (that’s probably okay)
  • The music I was excited to play was available digitally and at perfect quality (.WAV is pretty damn good to begin with)

So when the offer came for the turntables earlier this week, it made complete sense to sell them. And sell them I did, to my old friend Tim, who had in fact taught me how to DJ in the first place. Now they’re in good hands, and they’ll be used a lot more than I ever did in the last several years. There’s no sense sitting on a depreciating asset if you are deriving no utility from it. The most utility I would say I was getting out of them was that they were a very fashionable interior accessory. But they’re slightly way too good to just be that.
Speaking of Tim, he now hosts an internet podcast named Control Freq Radio, which he runs with a bunch of awesome people (including the voice of all that is good, Ben Malcolm). I was lucky enough to be their first guest as AFK. The tracklisting looks like this:

  1. Bent – Beautiful Otherness (Tom Middleton remix) [G&E Analogue]
  2. Andy Chatterley and Behrouz – Lost in Translation (Timo Maas remix) [Franz Franz]
  3. Omid 16B – Bites Without Teeth (Late Night Dub) [SexOnWax recordings]
  4. Faithless – Not Going Home (Eric Prydz remix) [Ultra]
  5. AFK – Megatech (Original Mix) [Unsigned]
  6. Beatman and Ludmilla – Couldn’t Sleep (Shiloh remix) [Aurium Recordings]
  7. Radiohead – Reckoner (Henry Saiz Vocal Mantra remix) [Unreleased]

The episode MP3 is available for download here:
AFK – Control Freq Radio Guest Mix 2011 – right-click or control-click, save file as whatever you like.
My mix begins about 15 minutes in, after they feature a few new tracks for you to check out. I encourage you to give those ones a listen, I heard a couple I really liked in there. You’ll see that my new track (Megatech) is in after the Faithless track. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Davin has been rockin it for as far as I can remember in the party scene… way before I began raving in 2007 I think…
    Davin’s old-school, amazing, inspiring, very talented, and a freakin pleasure to be around!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I’m sorry to see you let the tables go Davin, but I understand. How cool is it that Tim has them?!)
    Big UPs guys!!! 🙂

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