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I’ve had a great year – from career, to school, to family, and friends, 2010 was a banner year in almost every regard. I became clearer about what I want out of life, what I can actually get, and I challenged myself on both my assumptions about life around me, and also life inside of me. Of course, no one can truly do this on their own, because as much as assumptions, ability to challenge, and re-evaluate come from inside ourselves, they also come from those around us – what we value as groups, beliefs, ambitions, and so on.
A few events in 2010 reminded me that life is short, it’s precious, and people shouldn’t wonder where they stand around you. I fundamentally believe in this.
A week or two ago, I had several of my closest friends over at my parents for some home cooked goodness – my mom’s Indian food is one of my favourite things. My intention was to get those people together who have had a particular positive influence in my life and thank them for it. Some of them inspired me to push further in my degree, some pushed me to closely examine what I want out of a career, and some enabled me to closely examine what I want out of my life, and act on it. No, this was not a marketing pitch for anything. I brought them together to give them a simple message: “I appreciate you, and you matter to me.” That is all the night was about.
It felt great, and I cannot believe I never did it before. Due to logistics, not everyone that I would want to be there could be there, but most of the core group could be there. Many people account for the difference between a good life (as I could have) and a great life (which I do have) and I am deeply thankful for it.
Happy 1/1/11! We continue..

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