my new tree

Here is a tree. It now lives in the same place as I do – it just moved in earlier this week. It enjoys watching television and basking in sunlight. This kind of tree is referred to as a Pony Tail Palm Tree.
In other plant-related minutiae, I have either killed or extended the life of my bamboo. The bamboo was getting way too big so I had to cut it down and divide it. Now it lives (maybe?) in two different glass vases. We’ll see if I did this right. There is a fairly good chance that I did not.
Design Currency 2010 in Vancouver is only a couple weeks away. The updates continue and the details are coming together – I’ll be in Vancouver for what looks like a week later this month.
Since this is a collection of randomness, I want to say that I find it weird how sound seems to change tempo when I yawn. It accelerates which must mean I am actually relatively slowing down my hearing process when yawning. I have never heard anyone detail this or explain it but I bet there is some good reason for it.

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