Design Currency update

My blogging is all over the place – I realize that some of it isn’t quite right for the audience here, but this is also my own archive so deal with it ;).
This is what I posted last night on

Say what you will about the value of design, but one thing is clear: no two people think exactly alike when it comes to defining the value of design itself. And if the question of defining the value of design sounds like a simple one, let me assure you – you’re dead wrong. It’s not just about dollars and cents. Design Currency 2010 discussion has been going on at – there is information on the events, workshops, dinners, breakfasts, speakers, and information on where to stay and eat.
Interviews with speakers are being added every day in the Design Currency 2010 Interviews category.
Also I would be in some sort of trouble if I didn’t mention that I had a go at the topic myself on the Design Currency 2010 blog. Really, it is a continuation of the conversation that I had started on the GDC blog – defining the value of design – but it’s much more direct in its relation to the topic of the conference.
Finally, you really ought to treat yourself and have a look at the beautiful Design Currency 2010 video by Rethink – it is below.

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