victoria sunrise

This is a view of this morning’s sunrise over Craigdarroch Castle. Shot from my living room at 7:53 AM.

Matt pointed me to a radio station he has been listening to – Monkey Radio. The website might not look like much, but that’s fine, because the music programming is the best downtempo / chill I have ever heard on a station. Monkey Radio might even be better than the trusty Groove Salad. Recommended, and thanks to BoS for the link.

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  1. Awesome, thanks for the link. I love me some good chill music.
    I was walking to work this morning at 7:53am. Do not recall the sky looking anything like that… but I know there have been some wicket sunrises/sets in our area lately. Nice photo!

  2. just looked at your Flickr photo, and while I love this cropped version, the perspective that the original (presuming that’s what it is) provides is awesome.
    Again, nicely done!
    What time did you take this at? 8am? Bah, winter!

  3. as usual davin, you’re work strikes a chord. gorgeous shot. loves it.
    and not only does monkeyradio stream downtempo bliss 24/7…. but it even has an IRC channel on the homepage. i mean…. that’s just class.

  4. Curious about your address. Back in the mid-80s I lived at the back of the Treehouse Apartments on Pandora — I had a very similar view of the castle from my small deck. It was also a great place to watch downtown fireworks or airshows.

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