Congratulations to my dad who enjoyed his first official day of retirement today – I don’t think the weekend counts since he wouldn’t normally be working on a weekend anyway. Also he would not be working in the summer holidays either, so I guess his retirement could really start in September.
Hmmm. Anyway.
My dad has been working my whole life. I am sure that supporting a family of 6 on one income is no small feat, and he did it. At age 64, he has retired from teaching grades 3 and 4 at Oaklands Elementary for well over 2 decades. Before that, he was supporting the family on a substitute teacher income. I don’t know how that is even possible. He deserves a bit of a rest, though I am sure he will not be idle for very long, if at all.

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  1. Maybe he’s secretly a millionaire and, um, it’s a secret. Like maybe it’s a witness protection thing! Yeeaaaah, like maybe he gave a D to a student whose Dad was in the mob and the Dad was gonna whack him so they um, like, had to hide him and pretend like he wasn’t a millionaire but deposited money in his bank account every month so that he could assume the humble mantle of a school teacher and blend in better.
    Or maybe he’s just frugal.
    (I like my story better because it involves the mob and heavy Italian accents.)
    Happy retirement, Davin’s Dad!

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