queen pipes

Some pipes on the Queen of Vancouver.
Maybe some wires too.
I have been working away on various papers, a new mix – which is now done and will air on Proton Radio next Wednesday along with a guest mix from Dub Gnostic on Pacific Front Sessions – and a bit of photography here and there. I have been having fairly productive nights with considerable setbacks to even it out, leaving me close to where I started, but I am – along with a few others – battling through it. I will leave it at that!
I’m hitting the Stadacona tennis courts at 6 PM this evening for some more tennis. We played 2 sets last week and it was great to get back into the rhythm of sets. Hitting the ball around is fun but there is a lot to be said for playing with some structure – you get a fuller variety of shots because the structure of the game forces you do hit the ball in certain ways and in certain angles. And, if there was any doubt that tennis is good exercise, there isn’t any more for me – I was sore for days after those two sets. Thank you to all those who contributed to the bicycle conversation from the last entry. The feedback has definitely helped my information gathering process.
This weekend will consist of a significant amount of planning, writing, more planning, and then more writing. Between blogging on three sites and all this extra-curricular writing I’ve been doing, there’s never been more demand for me to articulate myself. To do this effectively, I’ve been reading more to keep my writing style informed, current, and inspired. Currently I am reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” – full of mini stories about those who fit outside of the norm – which is a fantastic read after having recently finished a 500 page book on consumer behaviour theory.
What are you reading out of interest?

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  1. Stretch.
    If you’re not already doing it, _always_ stretch after your matches. It’s a fountain of youth in terms of what it will let you put your body through, and hey, who wants to be injured. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough time left over to stretch, think of it like breakfast: It’s simply too important to not do. You’ve got time!

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