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This isn’t a post about design, but lets say that it is because what I will be doing is writing about design, and that’s what this is about. In the next day or two, the GDC National Blog will relaunch, with myself as the editor. I’ll be contributing entries on a weekly basis, some of which may find their way back here, but not necessarily in their entirety. The scale and scope of entries there will be related to design on a national level, issues that reach beyond geography and issues that relate to the core motivations behind the GDC as an organization. Topics will include:

  • Design’s role in Canada
  • National trends in design
  • Design awareness
  • The business of design
  • Design outside of Canada
  • Interdisciplinary design
  • The relationship between design and marketing
  • Sustainability in design
  • Design ethics
  • National efforts of other organizations like the GDC around the world
  • Project management and design
  • Designer interviews
  • Other items as they come up

The above topics might sound like news categories, but I will be writing it from my own point of view, keeping my own voice. Otherwise, it would be a lot closer to being news, and that role is already being filled. Ultimately the goal is to provide a glimpse at bigger picture issues (which I love) with the tone of a designer (which I am.)
I’ve also given some thought to assembling a cross-Canada national blogging team. I’ve got a few ideas of who would be good for the middle and west coast of Canada, and I’m keeping my eyes open for some good candidates from the east coast. I am concentrating on getting the new National Blog launched before taking on more organizational items. For now, the above topics will be the focus and I’m looking forward to getting into a new routine.

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