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some really hard to use controls on my sony ericsson phone – click for a big version.

Tonight, Nine Inch Nails is in town and I’m going to go check them out. From Trent Reznor’s latest blog entry:

This [is] an amazing tour and production – certainly the best thing I’ve ever been involved with and likely the final tour for NIN on this scale. Thank you to those who came out to see it and forgive me for having a Kanye West moment, but this was FOR SURE the best show of the year and any bull[bleep] end-of-the-year poll you may read in the next few weeks that says otherwise simply has it wrong. Those of you who saw it know I’m right.

Ok Trent, you’re allowed to have that Kanye moment, but my expectations have been set. I will be disappointed if you’re not rappelling from the roof of Memorial Arena with expensive supermodels flanking you while wearing ultra tacky sunglasses. Thanks for providing the metric.
He goes on:

The venue for Friday night’s performance in Victoria will have a very relaxed camera / camcorder policy… hmmn…

Alright, well I suppose I don’t need much more of an invitation than that to bring my camera to a concert, do I? – it’ll redirect you to the front page but maybe they’ll fix that in the future. I notice they’re doing a lot of cool updates to their site, like allowing users to populate the NIN website gallery through users flickr tagging. Not mind-bending but certainly unusual for an entity as high profile as NIN. That’s putting the power in the hands of the fan. Clever.
I’d mention something about Canadian politics – but I’d like to sleep well, so I’m going to leave that for another update.

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  1. You never need an excuse to bring your photo along!
    Yeah I find the small controls difficult to use as well, especially when they are in the circular shape. I have the same problem on my Zune. I end up going left or right when I mean to go up and down, etc etc.

  2. Toooooootally. I don’t even know what to say, it was perfect in so many ways. I think this is the kind of thing that if you don’t go to, you regret for around 15 years or so, maybe longer – like some concerts that I erroneously passed on *cough* ZOOTV *cough*
    Wow man, just wow.

  3. arg.
    so f’n jealous of you right now.
    have you seen them before? i saw them on the fragile tour and the year zero tour. but the setup for this tour (from what i can tell from youtube) is mind blowing.

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