AFK – Morphosis mix

Every now and then I’ll do an all-breaks mix. In this case, it’s an all trancey-breaks mix. Why bother saying Progressive Breaks when people know about as much about Progressive Breaks as they do about fractured semiotic fields. What? Exactly. So it’s trancey breaks, I don’t care if trance is a bad word – you know it means melodic and that’s all I care about. The mix aired on Retroid’s “Morphosis” show on Proton Radio – yes, there is a relation to the music label there too, which is also run by Retroid. Morphosis is of my favorite labels, so of course I was honored to be a guest. I’m going to Tofino this weekend to get away, and I’ll be spending part of the time working on my new Pacific Front Sessions mix as well as finishing off my remix of Fractal – Oceanography, which incidentally starts the mix. Thanks to Retroid for having me on the show. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Fractal – Oceanography (Original mix) [Pacific Front]
  2. Habersham and Numinous – Leaving Tifton (Digital Witchcraft remix) [Blueprint Recordings]
  3. Umut Anacoglu and Redloft featuring Nesli – Just Fantasize (Aeron Aether remix) [LuPS Records]
  4. Fitalic – Airflow (Original mix) [Tribal Vision Records]
  5. Nicholas Bennison and Micah – I’ve Been There (Micah’s Breaks mix) [Screen 2]
  6. AFK – Eclipse (Original mix) [Pacific Front]
  7. U.N.K.L.E. – Glow (Hybrid remix) [Global Underground]
  8. Airwave – Sunday Break (Original mix) [Bonzai]
Download: AFK – Morphosis mix on Proton Radio (mp3)

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  1. very good mix, Davin. Really nice stuff; some terrifically huge tracks in the middle. One of those sets where I was very disappointed to hear it end…
    Gotta get a 2 or 3 hour mix from you one of these days… I have a flight to Toronto next week, actually, so get on it, will you? 😉

  2. how about a new 4 hour set? or at least find a way to make a mix set of four cd length mixes! that would be fantastic.
    time to get cracking on my own next mix in the “xiang” series

  3. Listened to your mix and I think its one of the best mixes I have heard for a while. I could listen to repeatedly without getting bored of it. Beautifully mixed 🙂

  4. very nice Davin. I’ve been pushing Dan Kickbush towards more melodic breaks of late. I mean, as you say, it’s the melodic nature of trance that makes trance so good. Anyway, good job 🙂

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