departure from wedding season

This photo is from last weekend – i went to Seattle to see Dustin (H) and Misty (K) get married on the Saturday night. Then I was back in Victoria for breakfast on Sunday morning. All hail the 7:30 AM Clipper.
After that, it was Vancouver on Wednesday for Kristen and Wren’s wedding, and then back in Victoria last night for Jen and Eric’s wedding. All weddings were very enjoyable and by last night we were completely exhausted – in a good way.
I have too many photos to post – a classic blog problem.
In other tech notes, i am enjoying my new Macbook + iPod touch, and I’ve been loading both with the bare minimum so that i can continue to enjoy the performance of each. No bloatware allowed! Possible exceptions will be made for Adobe, but Microsoft will have to wait at the door.

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  1. loving your mixes man. been following your blog for several weeks now. great photos, great work all around, keep it up. thanks for introducing me to so many wicked new tracks, too – my friends have been enjoying sets that i’ve been playing, including many tracks i heard first in your mixes. cheers.

  2. Classic blog problem indeed. But maybe now that wedding season is almost over, you will have the reverse problem (too much time and nothing to post about).
    Nice misty photo above.

  3. Three weddings in a week? You got me beat. I had two in a week in August and one more in September. Crazy wedding season!

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