leap through time

as the title of this blog post suggests, we will be leaping – like the squirrel – through time. i have brought 4 years and over one thousand posts back into my archive, complete with your comments, but none of the spam. here are the stepping stones from davin.dhs.org and davin.ws:

It is all in archive in the category davin.ws.

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  1. wow, blast from the past. that was such fun going through some of those posts. Those pictures and events make it feel like it’s been an eternity since you started posting, and it’s hard to realize that was only six years ago! These old posts are a testament to your passion and enthusiasm for your friends and music. They show a maturity and determination, where many of your friends, myself included, have gone in different directions since then! Good on ya. I’m sure you’ve been through every one of them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Craig. It is a bit of a wild ride hey? A lot has changed in that time, and one of the most interesting things is seeing how personalities have evolved and with that, dynamics between the characters in our little blog world.

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