Brandi and Carson

This is a photo from Brandi and Carson’s wedding. We had run outside with them after the Ceremony to the Legislature and we were all freezing during the shoot – none of us were wearing coats. It was so cold, it was insane! We got some great shots of the new couple though, and I think this one in particular turned out great. This one was an exercise of patience while balancing out the lights of the legislature with a flash to illuminate Brandi and Carson properly, but not too much of the ground or other foreground objects in the process. All worth it as you can see. This is one of 2000+ frames we shot that day.
Other interesting photo things – photos to post from photogroffee: Salt Spring, a trip to Port Townsend, and I did a photo shoot for Short Fuse in January which has some cool shots in it.
Holding off on buying any new camera equipment for the time being – it’s simply not needed at this point as we have a pretty full suite of lenses that can accomplish pretty much anything that we need to do.
* * *
Frisky Radio‘s featured artist for this week is … me! Tune in tomorrow for a brand new 2 hour exclusive set at 11 AM PST. More on the music from.. the third track I did with Dustin H called “Seismic” is now out on promo with remixes from the legendary Powerplant, the almighty Shiloh, and one of the best progressive breaks producers around, Stefan Anion.. if you are on our list, scoop it up. It will be in fine online stores such as iTunes and Beatport in early April. If you want to have a listen ahead of time, have a listen on the Progressive House promo page here – AFK & Dustin H – Seismic Preview

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