This is Willows Beach near Estevan Village, yesterday at noon.
Just a reminder that Frisky Radio’s spotlight on Canada airs tomorrow starting at 11 AM PST with:

  • Paranoid Jack
  • Deadmau5
  • Kristian Littmann
  • AFK
  • Mistress Barbara
  • John Morgan
  • Mute & Laki
  • Hatiras
  • Kevin Shiu

More info:
Frisky Loves Canada
Who has RSS feeds? I do! See the little orange broadcaster (RSS) icon in the navigation? Copy that link into your RSS client or click on it if you are spiff and have a local RSS aggregation client set up already. If you don’t have an RSS client set up, point your browser at google’s new (and beta) reader, a place for you to collect the news feeds for sites you read regularly. what I like about google’s take on the aggregator is that it allows you to share feed items with your contacts within the reader and point them at cool stuff. here are the blogs i have subscribed to:

  • Adam’s House of Fun
  • Adventures on the Blue
  • Delicious Juice Dot Com
  • Habitual Distortion
  • Krishenblog
  • secondGemini
  • Velvety Couch

Do you have an RSS feed that I should know about?

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