AFK – Frisky Loves Canada 2008

Here’s a mix I did for a spotlight that Frisky Radio did on Canada entitled Frisky Loves Canada. The DJ’s featured were Paranoid Jack, Deadmau5, Kristian Littmann, AFK, Mistress Barbara, John Morgan, Mute & Laki, Hatiras, and Kevin Shiu.

This mix begins ambient with a bit of a gem from Pako and Frederick, then goes straight for the progressive house jugular with a remix from Kasey Taylor (AKA Ocean Wave), then goes a bit dark with a track from Dynamic Illusion before submitting to the awesome “Bass Trap” from Quest and the Dirty Fours. From this point we get into some heavy weight progressive house with an Elfsong remix of Cream Sound, and the refreshing “Table 5” from Dale Anderson and Anil Chalwa. Max Graham shows up for a bit of an epic piece with his remix of Swedish Beatballs (is this something you can get from Ikea?) and of course I have to stick my nose in here somewhere and drop some of my own stuff – Stefan Anion’s remix of Seismic and one of my two new remixes of Benz & MD – Signals finish off the mix. I have done some sneaky things in the mix to keep it flowing properly, even when confronted with complete genre changes, so I hope you enjoy all the efforts. Thanks to Ben Malcolm at The Media Burnout for the voiceovers, and also much thanks to Faisal Sultan @ Frisky Radio for doing the show.


  1. Pako & Frederick – Percunia (Pako and Frederick Chillout mix – AFK Edit) – Global Underground
  2. Antix – Red Robin (Kasey Taylor remix) – Iboga Records
  3. Dynamic Illusion – Afterglow Effect (Original mix) – Morphosis Records
  4. Quest vs. The Dirty Fours – Bass Trap (Original mix) – Vapour Recordings
  5. Cream Sound – Intromodul (Elfsong remix) – Morphosis Records
  6. Dale Anderson and Anil Chalwa – Table 5 (Original mix) – Global Underground
  7. Marcus Schossow – Swedish Beatballs (Max Graham remix) – Electronic Elements
  8. AFK and Dustin H – Seismic (Stefan Anion’s Running For Cover remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  9. Benz & MD – Signals (AFK’s Dragon Dub) – Proton Music
Download: AFK on Frisky Loves Canada (mp3)

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  1. Niiice. I’ll definitely be listening to this again. It’s too bad most of the other Canadian DJs they showcased were so techy (cause that isn’t really my style). I would have figured they would get a few DJs with slightly different styles and genres, cause a lot of the other mixes sounded very similar to each other, and without much soul or awesomeness. Anyways, I really enjoyed your set as usual. It’s about time I put it on the old playlist for another listen.

  2. Really enjoyed this set mate. Have had it on repeat in the car for a few days now. Applauds on the site too, it’s nice to see someone take an effort in promotion

  3. this one is one of my favorite sets, it gets better every time i listen to it. i just figured out that i know that piano sample in “cream sound – intromodul (elfsong remix) from this mix.

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