Craigderroch Castle

This shot was taken in mid October from our living room.
I have been working on a few custom shooting modes on my 30D. One in particular which you’ll be seeing more of is a high contrast / low saturation combination. The reason why I like this combo is because I enjoy the more dramatic shadows, and the contrast boost provides that. The contrast boost also leaves your photo looking a bit too saturated (over-coloured) so to compensate I’ve lowered the saturation at the same time. Sometimes this can make people look really intense, or in weird lighting, dead, but for artistic non-human shots it is working out very well.
The above shot would not look very good in the combo mode. The shot above is based on a lot of similar light, and the obfuscation that it provides. Contrast kills this and many other ambient lighting situations. Anyway enjoy your Friday!

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  1. davin, no, but i noticed i could set them up in the menu. you’ve reminded me to play around with it again. thanks!
    there is one thing i do somewhat regularly, the “feathered selection blur” i mentioned on the “coastal” post. you can see some examples in my shots: the first and third photos in this album: (02 – ko samet)
    fyi – this site will document our travels for the coming year… we left calgary (home), stopped in vancouver (my hometown) for a week, and then we holidayed briefly in thailand before we moved to china (where we are working and teaching).

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