Every now and then I like to team up with the kind folks from Resonant Vibes and put together a special mix to do some cross promotion. Last year I did one which had a huge number of downloads – it will be appearing in the mix archive here shortly, along with the new one. In the mean time, if you’d like to hear the mix, check out the Shakedown Podcast on iTunes or by going to the Shakedown website and downloading it.
Little poll here.. how many of you use services like Digg and Delicious? Would you find it useful if I included links for each one of my posts for this kind of thing?

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  1. Nice mix, I’m enjoying it. I like the interview at the start too. Weird that the guy didn’t put your name anywhere on the mp3 file or id tags though. It just says “DJ Christopher Reddick”. I’ll have to download a proper version once you have it hosted on your site 🙂
    Poll: I don’t use Digg or Delicious… I don’t find them necessary. At least I didn’t use to. Maybe I’ll re-look into them again now though.

  2. That’s the thing I was wondering. I don’t use digg personally, but the service itself wouldn’t necessarily be for me, it would be for digg users who look at my site.
    I’ll be posting the mix next week – Christopher asked for 2 weeks of exclusivity which I granted of course.

  3. I don’t use Digg very often. A lot of people do, however, so it might be a good opportunity to gain a few new listeners.
    I’ve never used Delicious, so I can’t offer an opinion there.
    I will check out the new mix…

  4. Davin, Thanks again for putting the mix together… Super appreciate it~!
    To address Graham’s comment about the file tags… all the episodes get processed through a batch job, I guess I should change things up for the guest mixes. I’ll look into that ASAP.
    Regarding DIGG, It can’t hurt to put yourself out there one more place… but I wouldn’t expect a flood of traffic unless your mix gets ‘dugg’ a bazillion times.
    Hope all is well!

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