version three launch

Here it is, the much more thought about than talked about version three of I’ve built some sweet design features into this website which are mostly only sweet for me, but so that I don’t forget to use them, I’m going to say what they are now:

  • Ability to update website (see right hand sidebar) from cell phone
  • A dedicated mixes area with my radio shows and past CD’s
  • Hot swap on the backgrounds. This means that I can switch the background image and I wont have to do more than switch one line of code for the new look to take effect. This is big.

Oops I forgot the biggest one:

  • The biggest one. Is actually this:
    • Discography is now in the Productions area – that’s all of my productions and remixes with sleeve art and listening links.
  • That’s it.
  • Oops, and an “About” section as well.
  • Maybe I should make a “Contact” page as well.
  • How about .. not. I don’t need the extra email. But I am sure if you really need to get ahold of me, you’ll figure it out.

This website SHUNS IE6. That is because IE6 does not properly support PNGs, which is what is responsible for the verinice transparent background which is enabling you to read this 50% easier than otherwise. Luckily IE7 corrects this, but to accomodate the roughly 37% market share (at time of writing this) that IE6 commands, we have a large and cumbersome BG PNG24 which will not tile in IE6 but will in every other modern browser out there. All hail the alpha transparency layer.
More population will be occuring to the mixes and productions section. Currently the production section has all my work up from Pacific Front Recordings, because, lo and behold, I have all the sleeve art for all the Pacific Front releases at high res since I am the guy who makes them. The mixes section has all Pacific Front Sessions shows (which air on Proton Radio) and a good back catalogue of dj ariz0na mixes. Force of Nature, the first dj ariz0na mix, will be posted, along with special guest sets I have done for radio shows other than my own.
Ultimately this is supposed to make the art of updating the website more fun, since I have a few more areas to update with rich content (and some not so rich.) That and I thought there should be a complete resource on my music somewhere on the internet. So here we are.
I’ll be performing (as AFK) at the Sunset Room tomorrow night with Natron, Freya, Joshua and Colin Sick tomorrow night. See you there!

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  1. Very nice. I like the design. Simple, clean and interesting, they way design is meant. Props up tops! It’s nice to see your productions more in the forefront of the website as well.

  2. Looks fantastic. I too love the greater prominence your productions and mixes are getting, and the navigability (is that a word?) of the new site is great.
    Love the alpha transparent background by the way and I fully support your choice to ditch IE6… had to face its lack of png alpha support for a project this year and the workaround was ridiculous. It deserves to be dropped.
    How are you doing the mobile updates? Is that through an MT plugin?

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