AFK on Bit Control

Last week I was on The Firm’s radio show “Bit Control” on and I put a set together for it which I think you might enjoy. This set starts off chill and then pumps up in a big way.

  • Stefan Anion – Imagine (Original mix) – Release Digital
  • Elite Force – You (Hybrid remix) – Used and Abused
  • Nutrition – Skyline Dreamer (Blake Potter and Stefan Anion Scaling remix) – Play Breaks
  • Dustin H – Receive The Light (His Boy Elroy remix) – Pacific Front Recordings
  • Mohawk – Outerlimits (Original mix) – Baroque Limited
  • Shiloh – Cafe Del Mariachi (Nick Warren remix) – Hope Recordings
  • Gill Norris – Forme (Shiloh and Micah Shatterfist remix) – Precinct
  • Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death (Hybrid remix) – Cheeky

Download link:

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  1. Yeah this is obviously overdue. I have a TONNE of photos to post as well but my old computer is making me dread the task. oh well. soon this will pass..

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