AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: March 2007

  1. Native & Silver featuring Ani – The Dome (4mal’s Sub Flowing Intro Mix) – Swordtail
  2. Nero – Lost (Dustin H Remix) – Pacific Front
  3. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (Original Mix) – Pacific Front
  4. Orbital – The Girl With The Sun In Her Head (AFK Remix) – Pacific Front
  5. Zinfandel – Galivan (Original Mix) – Emote
  6. Mat Zo – Exodus (Original Mix) – aLoud
  7. Royal Assassin – Turn Of Twilight (Dustin H Remix) – Pacific Front
Download: AFK – Pacific Front Sessions: March 2007

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  1. might be track 2 or 3 – it is either a sample from INXS: need you tonight, or someone else singing it.
    Which ever the case, it’s fricken awesome.
    Sitting at my desk with headphones on imagining going off outdoors in front of a big F oFF speaker system.

  2. Really?! It’s basically the entire song! Maybe ’cause I’m australian I picked it up quickly.
    Such a shame – would love to heard the direction INXS would have gone in if Michael Hutchince was still alive.
    Of course, they are total sh*t now without him. A gameshow to be lead singer? Come ‘on……..

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