the girl with the sun in her head

first of all, if you haven’t heard the original version, you really owe it to yourself to go and buy a copy of Orbital’s “In-Sides”, one of the best electronica albums ever made imo. get the 2CD version, the one with the live songs on it. those are awesome too. second, i just finished this remix while sitting at home recovering from bronchitis.
let me know what you think if you have a minute to spare and some ears. you can hear it on my myspace page: – davin AFK’s myspace page

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  1. In-Sides is definately one of my favourite Orbital CDs. That and the Brown Album, simply because it has Halcyon+on on it. However, I think people will be hard pressed to find the 2CD version of In-Sides since it was taken out of production because they got sued about their live versions (apparently the live version of Halcyon sounded too much like some other song). Anyways, I’ve looked for the 2CD version forever in the used circuit, but could never find it. I’m stuck overlistening to my 1CD version. Either way, it’s an awesome CD.

  2. P.S. Put this remix on your Pacific Front Recordings site so I can buy it. Otherwise I’m going to have to drain all of myspace’s bandwidth by playing it non-stop.

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