murder on triangle mountain

c79 – Murder On Triangle Mountain EP – Pacific Front Recordings (PFR016)
01. c79 – Dope Ride (Original mix)
02. c79 – Dope Ride (Tiebreaker’s Green Machine remix)
03. c79 – Dope Ride (Formulate remix)
04. c79 – Dollface (Original mix)
The much anticipated EP from c79 (aka Chompers, Obakeh) is packed with two original tracks that will devastate, maim, and destroy. Dope Ride is the much-talked about tech juggernaut, while Dollface is an acid driven piece that will leave you squarely on your side. It doesn’t stop there – two Dope Ride remixes: one, a tech-funk electro-driven remix by none other than Formulate; and the other, a skull-crushing dirty, yet atmospheric, breakbeat remix by Tiebreaker. Bust out your favorite roll of yellow tape – this is the Murder on Triangle Mountain EP. – Listen to it here. Coming out soon on Beatport.

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