monday mag m awards

hello all! i am nominated in the most recent Monday Magazine in their M Awards for their Favorite Photographer category. if you pick up the latest mag, you can find a ballot on page 17. vote for davin greenwell!
these are some icicles I found in Oak Bay. in fact, last week, I walked all over Oak Bay looking for the perfect icicle, and I couldn’t find any good ones. i set to return to my office on Oak Bay ave when I noticed this massive cluster of icicles on the side of the character house i work from.

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  1. Too bad you didn’t come to my work.. the entire building was rimmed with the most perfect icicles I’ve ever seen.. each one about 2ft long!!!

  2. Good luck! Vote early, vote often.
    I’m constantly impressed with your photos. Those are some niceicles!

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