the morning star


AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (Pacific Front Recordings)

  1. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (Original mix)
  2. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (His Boy Elroy’s Rush remix)
  3. AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (AFK’s Blue Star Dub)

Beatport pre-release on November 23. Available at most major retailers November 30 (iTunes,,,

This is the 2nd of 3 (to date) collaborations between myself and Dustin H of Seattle (L2 Recordings, Pacific Front Recordings).
The original mix is atmospheric, percussive, driving, breakbeat, house, and progressive all in one smooth and eventful journey. Inspired by the deep blue west coast sky and hitting the dew point at 5 AM. His Boy Elroy, whose remix of Blake Jarrell’s “Okoboji” was partly influential for the creation of this song, actually does a remix of the song and it’s quite the cinematic breakbeat masterpiece that would have even Hybrid weeping at its beauty. The Blue Star Dub is aimed directly at the all-night dance floor and delivers a massive four on the floor, bass-heavy interpretation, keeping the sounds simpler but equally as enthralling. Should be something for every quality occasion here.

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