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  1. Thanks for posting those pics Davin!! Zac and I had such a great time that weekend…my first trip to Hornby! The party in the back 40 was pretty awesome too!

  2. Totally FANTASTIC!!! Davin. The best pic-essay of
    summer fun on Hornby I have seen!!!!

  3. Hey Davin were abouts on Hornby Island were you at when you took the white sandy beach picture and the aqua-marine water?
    Please contact me by email,

  4. Sorry again, but what I meant was what part of Hornby Island were you on in the very first picture?
    Let me know by E-mail Please,

  5. my family owns a house on hornby, about a ten minute walk away from tribune beach. Try renting a cabin in september if you want to go, its soooo much better when the tourist rush is over.

  6. Definately liked the star fish photo’s…lol the starfish digging for gold..and the starfish boobies…how awesome is that!! lol 🙂 thanks for showing online users the wonders of the island!! a must go to place apparently 🙂

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