a brief jaunt to seattle

things of note from this particular dash into the states:

  • on the way to seattle, i noticed how irrational tourists can get at border crossings
  • irrationality is contagious
  • hanging out with bands makes you smell like a band, which is kind of contagious if you think about it
  • dennys in the states is not like dennys in canada — there are non-booth tables in the states — not in canada, where everything is a booth
  • the clipper doesn’t have herbal tea
  • you can meet some very fascinating people on the seats that face eachother — as opposed to the ones that all face forward. I sat on a seat that faced other seats and met some.
  • trips whiz by when good conversation is happening
  • myself and Dustin made a massive new tune with no title
  • bent’s got a new album out (“intercept”) and it’s brilliant
  • it’s thanksgiving in Canada today, not the states. if you are in Canada today, happy thanksgiving!

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