VEMF 2006 is upon us

for many people, tomorrow and the next day are a big party in the middle of the city that lasts all day and late into the night. for a few select others, this is the gig of the year, the one they’ve been looking forward to all year. and for an even smaller group of people, this weekend is the culmination of a quarter year of organizational efforts and a chance to revel in what dreaming and planning can make happen.
any way you cut it, the Victoria Electronic Music Festival is the focus of almost every party-goer, DJ and producer on Vancouver Island and it keeps on getting bigger and better every year. this year it is attracting talent from as far as chicago and calgary and many names from vancouver as well. there are more producers performing their own music than ever before and more DJ’s than ever before. there are workshops on how to make the music yourself or spin records if you’re so inclined. for free. It starts for most at 12 pm noon tomorrow when dj trever puts the needle on the record. if you get to centennial square earlier, i’ll see you there.
it’s time to dance.

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