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Hello all,
Well I figure I better start updating y’all as lots appears to be going on with my music life. If you’re looking for my music label, it is here: www.pacificfront.ca, and if you want to cut to the chase and buy my music online right now you can find it from all the different labels (save that UK record label) here: www.beatport.com/afk and www.beatport.com/tiebreaker or just search for AFK or Tiebreaker on iTunes if you’re in the states.
I have a couple dates coming up in the Pacific Northwest Area. If you’re interested, fire me a message and I will do my best to provide you with all the information you might need to get to any number of them.
I just returned from Europe where I was in-studio with Dale Anderson from Lost Language Records / S.O.G. / Navigation recordings and we laid down the foundations and all the essential elements for our new, as of yet, untitled tune. My discography below has been updated; of particular note are releases out on Emote Recordings (AFK & Dustin H – Cascadia [Original, Jacob Todd and Daniel Lindeberge remixes]), Proton Music (AFK – Lush [Original, Matt Rowan and Jaytech, Formulate remixes]), and of course the mighty Pacific Front Recordings (AFK – Eclipse [Original, Fractal, Dustin H and Steve May remixes]) and a remix for LA’s Ritual Sounds Recordings (Desert Dwellers – Musiki Ukabili [Phokus and Seed remix, AFK remix]).
Upcoming bits I am working on right now: AFK & Dustin H – The Morning Star (His Boy Elroy remix and Original mix are already done, working on an AFK Dub which will be all four-on-the-floor), an original AFK tune code-named “Insatiable” which is a spin-off of Lush in terms of style, a new Tiebreaker tune called “Limited World Offer” which is mere minutes away from completion, a Tiebreaker remix of c79’s utterly massive “Dope Ride”, a remix for Proton Music of a track off of Jeff Devas’ new artist album, a remix of Dustin H’s “Recieve the Light” for Pacific Front Recordings, a collaboration with Vince Vicarro (Of the Vince Vicarro Band) and Matt Schmitz (of Passenger and Fan Tan Alley) that incorporates live bass playing and vocals from the two artists, as well as some hidden track / remix production on Fineas Gage’s new album. A new Royal Assassin track called “Turn of Twilight” has been completed and is set to be remixed by LA’s Desert Dwellers (formerly Amani and Teapot) and Seattle’s superb Dustin H.
New samples of the material will be posted on my myspace.com page which has changed addresses to this page:
I was featured yesterday on San Francisco’s fabulous Frisky Radio (www.friskyradio.com) in a rather-large-indeed 4 hour continuous mix that ranged between breaks, house, electro-house, progressive and so on. If you’re interested the download is available here:
http://download.davingreenwell.com/ariz0na_presents_AFK_-_Friskation_2006.mp3 – a lot of the new music mentioned previously is in this mix.
My radio show that I host with Justin Humber / Formulate continues to air monthly on LA’s Proton Radio (http://www.protonradio.com/show.php?showid=201) with talent from the Pacific Northwest area being showcased.
For booking information, please see this page:
For licensing information for any of the tracks, contact me and I will forward you directly to the appropriate music label / license manager.
That is all for now.

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