luminara 2006

these are photos from last week’s luminara festival. i couldn’t stay around for darkness but really it would have been not a lot different than the year before. they shut down relatively early (you get about an hour of darkness) and the people are generally much more interesting than the content provided by the festival. if they allowed amplified music to go along with the visuals my opinion might change..
i’ve been using picassa a lot lately to organize my photos. the pro is that it’s fast, much faster than lightroom, but the con is pretty clear in the photos above. they appear slightly washed out on an 80% quality setting during export, and the jpeg artifacting even at 80% quality is pretty obvious in my opinion. the file size is pretty small but it’s a long ways from photoshop optimization or fireworks, which i suspect will be one product soon.

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  1. I have a similar photo of the guy with the “candle hands”! Great work, I am always impressed by your photos.

  2. I see what you mean about the washout. Re: Picassa, didn’t realize you were on a PC, is it from work? How long have you been using Lightroom? Just about to have a look at beta 3 for the Mac.

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