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this i took the sunday before last; myself and mattbass were down at dallas road skipping rocks and such. it was a pretty nice day to do it. in fact just about every day for the last two weeks has been nothing short of brilliant.
i am spending my time these days doing a bit of everything, just the way I like it. some photography, some design, some musical collaboration, and on Friday, I will be DJing with Matt What and Fractal Thor down at Hush. I haven’t seen any posters for it so I’m not sure if anyone knows. But it’s true, we will be DJing there and it will be very interesting to say the least. the 3 of us are all proven DJ’s on our own and we all play different styles. I am hoping we can get together on Thursday night and talk about exactly how it will go and spin some records to get ready for the next night. stretching for DJ’s, so to speak.
the vancouver trip was awesome and it was fun to live out of a backpack for 4 days. though, by the 4th day I was missing my bed back home and my full closet of course. my schedule in vancouver was chalk full and pretty much nonstop until sunday at 4 PM where I flat-out passed out from exhaustion and heat. luckily I was laying on a rather comfortable couch and nothing valuable was broken in the transition between consciousness and unconsciousness. i will do it again.
in the mean time I leave you with this photo which is a pretty blatent metaphor for keeping track of what you’ve been up to. do you want to end up beached?! well on a less nice beach with worse weather. no you do not. so do what you want to do okay?

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