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  1. instead of thinking of that picture as though you’re looking up, pretend you’re looking down on earth from a low orbit in space…. Pretend the darkening gradient is actually the curvature of the earth… Veeery cool…
    Mkay I’m gonna to go back to smoking from my pretty glass pipe now.

  2. hihidadabebedeer.
    I love your pics so much! I showed Joey (my hubby) He liked them too. The sky looks threatening in this one, but loving. It’s funny being in Alberta now, we see skies like that more then the Island. As wild and wicked as they are, they usually bring storms of thunder and lighting which seems to FEED the garden. Some of my plants have grown almost a foot after a storm, which comes from clouds that look like that, (your pic). Anyway, I look forward to checking out your site every week and seeing what you have been up tooooooooo. Say Hi to Krishen for me. (sp???? ACK) We are coming back to the island August 21 for a week. MISS THE OCEAN! take lots of pics of it. I miss the energy. MISS EVERYONE!!!! hehehhe ok i’ve wasted enough of your space.. ciao for now.
    love didibebedeer

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