AFK – Eclipse

Here is a melodic breakbeat track I made around the same time as Lush. The original idea was to release the tracks together, but the way it worked out was that Lush was to go to Proton Music and this was being redone by Steve May for Pacific Front Recordings. Steve had already done a remix for Pacific Front of the Tiebreaker tune “Prominence” — and it worked out so well that I got him working on this one before we even decided which label it was going to. Rising star Dustin H put together a complete monster of a remix to match Steve May’s efforts and Thor (Fractal) from Tide Pool Recordings laid down a tech inspired mix that is butter to mix.

  1. AFK – Eclipse (Original mix)
  2. AFK – Eclipse (Steve May’s Total Lunar remix)
  3. AFK – Eclipse (Dustin H’s Someday Solar remix)
  4. AFK – Eclipse (Fractal’s Transit of Venus remix)

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