the black lotus

a bit of post processing here, separating the lotus to another layer with a vector mask and desaturating the remainder. it was a pretty drab day and the daffodils in the back, i can’t lie, were being attention whores with their bright yellow petals. had to be done.

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  1. I was searching google for black lotus flowers and this picture came up. I wondered if you made the lotus black or if it is an actual black lotus. My friend asked me to look for info on the black lotus and see if I could find out if there really is one and what the latin name for it is so that he can get some. I’d really appreciate any info you could give me.

  2. this is awsome, i hope that you don’t mind that i reposted it on, i gave all credit to you, i gave the link, and i disabled the comments. thank you.

  3. you are amazing!!! is this an actual black lotus flower? if it is, do you know where the seeds can be bought?

  4. Hi Guys:
    Pretty flower, but not a black lotus. It is actually a cushion plant. What makes it that dark color is anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a deep red pigment used in plants that live in extreme environments (such as high altitude) to protect it from the harsh sunlight.
    Here is a conundrum for you: I bet there never was a black lotus. I bet it was just this little c4 plant – with leaves that spiral into a lotus shape. Still magical? You Decide. I say yes.

  5. so, it’s not a lotus, it’s a cushion plant, but when i google it, i get pillows on ebay. So, how do i get info on the plant, cause it’s really cool.

  6. I have been searching for this particular plant for just short of two years and with little luck. This is the only other picture that i have seen of this plant but even with two pictures i can’t really do much research. Is there any information that you can tell me about this plant? Anything at all will be a great help. THANKS

  7. Sure. The above colour is natural. It grows in Victoria, BC. It’s about the size of my hand when I am pretending to palm a basketball. I almost stepped on it, but I didn’t!
    That is all the information I have at the moment.

  8. This spectacular plant is none other than the “echeveria black knight” for all who are interested in this wonderfully magnificent plant. Very beautiful not so easy to find unfortunately…At least where I am from. It is easily mistaken with the “echeveria black prince” but, not comparable.

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