now i must remember

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Do you ever think that
This is now I must remember?
You take in all around you
Colours, taste and smell
Before it fades like a dying ember
I had coffee with rum
Sang along to the drums
Of the crowd
As we cheered the dawning
And I want to save it
Somewhere safe
So I’ll remember
Bring it out one day
When everything looks grey
To make me smile
When I’m feeling tender
And we climbed a hill top
Following a new friend
In the sun of the early morning
All day
The rush of life
Makes a memory distant
I remember long ago
Certain things were simple pleasures

lyrics from bent – now i must remember
* * *
looking at my camera in the past tense. i remember when i used to tear around with this thing, so proud of it and all that it could do. i haven’t gone out on a trip with it in some time. battery charging mechanism doesn’t work in it. so i get 5 minutes at a time. my phone isn’t charging properly either. my computer crashes at least once a day now. the needles on my turntables are old and need replacing.
my tools are getting dull.

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  1. I have that happen all the time, because I have things of different ages and having to replace something all the time because it’s not cutting the mustard. It’s sad to let go of trusty possessions, but has to be done.

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