timing and precision

so here’s some stuff. myself and thor were the dj’s on pacific front sessions, the label’s monthly show on proton radio, and here are our sets. . now for download! woo wee!
1. Royal Assassin – Timing and Precision (AFK’s Icey Manipulator Remix) [Inaspace UK]
2. Nicholas Bennison & Micah – I’ve Been There (Micah’s Breaks Remix) [Screen 2]
3. Mortar and Pestle – It’s a Chick Thing (Luke Chable Remix) [Heavy Rotation]
4. Habersham & Phil K – Cloudbrake (Original Mix) [Audio Therapy]
5. Jeff Wayne – Eve Of The War (Hybrid’s “Fire In The Sky” Remix) [Columbia]
6. Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire (JunkieXL Remix) [Nettwerk]
7. Kasey Taylor and Chris Meehan – Biotics (Mix 2) [Vapour]
8. Bent – The Waters Deep (AFK’s Cascadia Subduction Remix) [CDR]
Download ariz0na / AFK’s set
SESSION 2: Fractal
1.  The Beatles – It’s All Too Much [Apple]
2.  Manitoba – I’ve Live On A Dirty Road All My Life [Leaf]
3.  The MFA – Rinse Time [Bpitch Control]
4.  Torley Wong – Xristophan (Fair & Masiello Remix) [Alternative Route]
5.  BCML – Mr. Horowitz (Way Out West Remix) [Silver Planet]
6.  Libra – Calling Your Name (Fractal Will Call You Back) [Unsigned]
7.  Chable & Fernandez – Before You Beat My Box [M-Theory]
8.  Leftfield – Inspection [Hard Hands]
9.  Sigur Ros – Intro/Milano/Hufupukar (Fractal’s Medly Edit) [Geffen]
10. Habersham – MEHS [Audiotherapy]
11. Rouzbeh Delavri – Soup  [Maris Music]
12. Royal Assassin – Timing & Precision (Fractal’s Dark Ritual) [Inaspace UK]
13. Santiago Nino – Circuit [Precinct] / Hybrid – Lights Go Down, Knives Come Out [Distinctive]
Download Fractal’s set
in non dj news and in producer land, the track which you see a mix of in each of these sets is a track by myself and Fractal that we did under the alias Timing and Precision. it is recently finished and signed to UK label Inaspace with a release date set for some time this december! woa woa!

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  1. davin…. i listened to your set on the way and back from the bar tonight, all I can say is holy sh*t! “eve of war” blew my speakers, so I haven’t heard the bent track yet 🙂

  2. Hey Davinson,
    Super-excited to d/l this set (tried last week, but it failed somehow). My 45 minute commutes every day provide me the perfect opportunity to blast new cds… Looking forward to this one.

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