music nerd

i fell asleep last night downloading VST and AU plugins and testing them on audio tracks in Eclipse. i am officially a sound nerd. i found some pretty twisted sound manipulation effects. it is absolutely no replacement for good composition but definitely some sound processors that will help set your sound apart from other peoples.
this morning i reprogrammed my alarm clock in my sleep to wake me up tomorrow morning instead of today. easier than hitting snooze, some part of me thought. well that was stupid.

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  1. Davin…. thankyou so much for rockin the party. whut a complete blast everyone had!
    one word describes it all
    me so happy

  2. I neglected to add…..
    Have you EVER heard the sound any clearer? Wow! Every nuance was there.
    We do again for sure. It is times like these that make it all seem so worthwhile 🙂

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