VEMF team gearing up for Saturday

this morning, myself and justin were on the A Channel (formerly the New VI, channel 12 locally) showing how we add, subtract, and manipulate electronic instruments live. afterwards, kenzie and miche showed how DJing works and bruce beil gave a speil on the whole Victoria Electronic Music Festival concept. lots of fun thanks to the coffee that we were on. i was up at 5:45 this morning to get everything in order.. also we were on CBC this morning at 8:15 AM on 90.5 FM with Jeff Weaver .. all the pieces are coming together for VEMF.. it is an exciting time for certain. lots to do yet — a 1.5 hour live performance for me and Justin / Formulate on Saturday night from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM on the main stage in Centenial Square, and also some music making seminars that we are putting on in the daytime in the Music Production Booth with myself, Anand, Justin and possibly Charles.

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  1. Ok.. I have to admit it. Something about the girls in this picture makes me giggle. not in, like, a mean way… maybe it’s just because you guys are all cool and tough looking and they’re all fresh and giggly.. like they’re so excited to see you.
    or maybe I’m overtired and should go to bed…
    i just want to pinch her cheeks though!!!

  2. Sweet… the testing was because I couldn’t comment yesterday from work. Seems to be working now. I just wanted to say, I’m totally excited for you.. so sad I’m not going to be able to make it up for the show. But from the VEMF website, it looks like you’ll be streaming some of it live? Cool! I’ll be listening if so.

  3. live streaming? I’ll be listening as I’m plugging away, writing my master’s thesis! so happy to soon be moving back to the coast!

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