just me.

i’d like to be.
no white label promo.
no time exposure.
no club nights.
no new sunglasses.
no pretty girls.
no producing tips.
no revolutionary new design.
no fancy new fashion.
no speaking in code.
no school zone.
no haircut.
no radio show.
no exclusive mix.
no hot gossip.
no stipulation.
no travelling.
no competition.
no waiting line.
no superstar dj.
no breaking news.
no family.
no friends.
no enemies.
no failure.
no success.
no effort.
just me.

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  1. well put. but even in that statement I just made, there is an outreaching for a connection that would cause things to no longer be just you, if even acknowledged.

  2. But DAVINNNNNNNNNNN.. it’s not “just” you, it’s YOU!!! God damn, what is with people and when will they figure that out!
    Love you forever and always!

  3. er…I kinda just stumbled in here, not sure how, read your entry and had to add a strangers comment…
    in the wee hours, influenced perhaps by something I’d seen, and my sensitivity to this usually profound influence, turns my thoughts inwards, sometimes feel like a fraud or guilty, maybe shallow as I look around at the things that I work at and purchase… I tend to hunger to be more “real”… if this is how you get too, try to to remember that as much as the complicated and unessential in your life can disgust you, don’t let it overshadow the fact that you are a fledgling and give yourself time, AND the very fact that you can feel this makes you more real in a world full of people who arn’t and never will strive to be…
    ach! perhaps non-sensical…

  4. it is like brad says in fight club.
    “you are not the car you drive,
    you are not the contents of your wallet,
    you are not your *!@?ing khakis!”
    Wellll, maybe not that far, but anyways, I hear you distant memory. those were transitional times in the office weren’t they. I wouldn’t have made it without your support. Davin, we have very little chemistry but dude, you are top notch. I said it twice last week to two seperate people you may never meet.
    just you man, just you. some things are just simple wouldn’t you say.
    If you live the rest of your life being just you davin, you have greatly succeeded. Most people will never see life in the ways you do. Strip away the roles that you’ve taken, the roles you are givin, and the roles that you are unknowingly not living up to, and there you are.
    whatever you are doing, you best have done some push-ups man. I heard you are slouchin’!
    lord save you if i find that is true!
    thanks again for your support.

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