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  1. Yes, my blog is a new show on Fox.
    “Unexplained Issues”
    My server unexpectedly erased my index page. My MT seems to be working, my DNS seems to be routed, my archives still exist… but no main page. As part of my server deal I currently do not have access via FTP so I’m having to go through a very busy server admin to look into it. I have control over part and he has control over part. We both think it is the other guy’s problem.
    All I know is that it was fine one day then B-L-A-N-K.
    Mischiff’s site appears to be working, he is just busy in love.

  2. i have very little idea bout MT DNS FTP but I do understand B L A N K. I broke the internets. For me both you guys’ses sites will load with all the banners and side.. thingies, but no posts. Yeah, I really shouldn’t try to help in an area that I’m pretty clueless. That’s like me telling the football players they should try running around the other guys instead of straight through them. Yup. I’ll go back to whatever it is I know something about.

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