ten mile point

i went exploring the other night at ten mile point and found the craziest phospheressence .. unfortunately it was impossible to capture with a photograph — even though my camera was cranked to 400 ISO (hence the grain) on F2.0 at various time exposures up to 15 seconds. limitation of the camera, i am sure these things can be photographed…

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  1. Those are the max settings on my Canon Powershot G3, too. You can go to much higher ISOs on other cameras (I think I’ve seen 3200), but the grain must be ridiculous.
    So, then, I guess that leaves having a bigger lens(e) as the solution…

  2. part of the problem too is that the ambient light is usually stronger than the phosphorescence. Even though it can be seen with the naked eye I’m guessing the ambient light would ‘expose’ the ‘film’ before the light from the phosphorescence.
    My theory anyway.

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