AFK – Dreamcache

One night I had a dream. I wont get into the details of exactly what happened but at some point in my dream, my brother Krishen whipped out a keyboard and played the main melody for this song on it. Dreamcache henceforth is a cache or memory of the dream I had. I was late for work because I had to get the song down before I forgot it. Justin (Formulate) put together a rather devastating remix that everyone from Shiloh to Luke Chable was hammering at the time. Blake Jarrell and Jeff Devas, two guys who I respect quite a bit in the music biz, were graceful with their remix, making a Voyager-esque remix that also did the business on the dancefloor. My original is pretty clangy and features some pretty big noises, and a twang partly inspired by the Echomen.

  1. AFK – Dreamcache (Original mix)
  2. AFK – Dreamcache (Formulate Doesn’t Dream remix)
  3. AFK – Dreamcache (Blake Jarrell and Jeff Devas Black Lotus remix)

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