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weird cool dream: i dreamt last night that there was a tsunami that came up the north shore and threatened to wipe a lot of stuff out. and it should haveve, but it didn’t. pretty much everything was just really wet. yeah. and then my dream went in reverse and i was on a BC Ferry when the tsunami was coming in. and we went over this huge wave, I wasn’t sure if we were gonna make it. but we did, it was nothing more than exciting. weird.
awesome new program for the mac: adiumx. if you aren’t a mac user, you probably don’t care about this. but you should be jealous of such a beautiful program. this, like FireΓ’β€žΒ’, combines several different programs (i use iChat and MSN) into one superprogram. except this does it right. Fire was just a pain. although it did integrate IRC and this one doesn’t. but i don’t care. what i do care about is that i don’t have to use the horrendous version of MSN Messenger for mac anymore, which the luddites at Microsoft update every 2 years or so to bring it in line with the version of MSN Messenger they’re developing for Windows 3.11 users.
something else: quentin asked me on sunday if i wanted to move downtown with him and for some reason i was hesitent. then i realized i was comfortable on the north shore. comfortable?!?! i have spent the last 6 months complaining about it. now i like it. perhaps because i seem to have really gotten things together in the last month or so. i don’t really want to say on here why things are in order but i do know, 100%, why things have changed. and it wasn’t particularly obvious to me at the time when i was making the decisions i made, but now it is clear – clear like the filtered water i drink every morning. oh yes, very clear. mmm water. mmm filtered water.
so anyway, that thing about comfort i think relates to the dream i had last night. yeah. shaking things up is exciting.
i wonder how high up on the ridge i live on the north shore? it is at the top of the hill in a bit of a tower. charles was mentioning, when we were cookin’ something-or-other the other night, that it takes the water longer to boil at my place because of the higher elevation. so like, hmm, how do i figure out how many feet above sea level i am? is there like, some way to tell? hmmm..
shameless material stuff i still want:


  • travel. lots and lots of travel.

please. let me go with a new powerbook, digital SLR and a car to go in. and that keyboard thingie. i want to drive across north america, take pictures, and make music. oh and I could perform on that baby too. hook it up, yeah. thats what i want to do.
that is all for now.

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  1. I would suggest looking into the Edirol product line for their competition to the Oxygen 8. Although I think the 8 may be smaller than Edirol’s smallest keyboard, I had the change to touchy-feely both and the Oxygen just seems too flimsy – like the keys will break at any instant. I think the Edirol had more knobs, too.

  2. you arent that high up on the north shore. maybe your head has a lot of hot air. you still need to move to the west end man. i try to spy on your building but it is very hard. you need to light it on fire or something.

  3. Interesting… I had a dream the other night that I saw a tsunami on it’s way to hit Victoria. It was a gigantic wave on the horizon, but it slowed down by the time it hit land.

  4. I dreamed there was a massive storm last night, more massive than anything I’ve ever seen. It was causing the deck on the skyscraper I was on to shake, rise and fall. It kept on getting more and more intense and lasted all night. It only subsided when morning (in the dream) came. However, at its peak I could see the center of the storm, full of chain lightning bolts, striking more than one time per second, as I observed. It was nothing if not intense and really cool, and I too spent the entire time in the “I don’t know if I’m going to survive, but right now I’m alright, even though that could change any moment!” mode, wherein I was constantly keeping an eye out for handholds as I made my way through the world as the storm built. Didn’t start out at that building with all the chain lightning, I made my way there! It was the safest place, it seemed, but also the place with the most eye candy πŸ˜‰

  5. From Mary Summer Rain’s Book Guide to Dream Symbols:
    Tsunami – connotes spiritual overkill or a state of being spiritually overwhelmed.

  6. Gurton, haha… that was an entertaining post, thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚
    Davin: nice use of the superscript “tm” character. Can you Windows folk see that? Given what Tammy said, I wonder if your tsunami was somehow connected to Vatican Idol (thanks nee) that has been all over the media the past few days?

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